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Universal Sequencer & Keying Interface

The versatile sequencer 


  • Ideal keying interface for transceivers, power amplifiers, TMAs, transverters, VFOs, receiver muting, T/R relays and switches, and other accessories

  • Provides the necessary time sequencing for perfect QSK or EME operation and protection of TMAs, transverters, and other equipment

  • Highly versatile, virtually any sequencing scheme possible

  • Fully programmable via USB interface (cable included)

  • Easily programmed in BASIC

  • Non-volatile memory

  • Downloadable prewritten programs available (see below)

  • Five output channels

  • Four input control channels

  • Delays programmable from zero to minutes and more in 1 ms steps

  • Multi-sequence capability for different operating modes (i.e., CW or Phone, etc.)

  • Transmit inhibit function

  • Silent, high isolation, high speed opto-coupled solid state relay controlled outputs

  • Various voltage/current rated plug in 6-pin DIP relay options available

  • Positive, negative, or AC voltage output switching

  • Works with most solid state and tube type equipment

  • Rugged extruded anodized aluminum chassis

  • Dimensions, inches (mm), H x W x D: 1.37 x 5.25 x 3.15 (34.8 x 133.4 x 80.0)

  • Power required: 12 VDC @ 100 mA max, 5.5 x 2.1 mm jack, polarity protected, universal input power supply included




Programming requires a computer with internet connection and basic computer skills. Refer to the Instruction Manual below for programming information.


The USKI-5 is supplied without output relays which must be installed before the unit can be made operational. Two relay types, with different voltage and current ratings, are available through this website as indicated below. Order the types and number of relays appropriate for the desired application. The USKI-5 has provisions for up to five output relays which can be of mixed types.


In most applications, the lower cost high voltage, low current (OMRON G3VM-401BY, 400 V, 120 mA) relay will be more than satisfactory. They are also suitable for many higher voltage applications often found with tube type equipment.


When higher current switching is required on specific output channels, use the high current relay option (OMRON G3VM-61BR, 60 V, 2.5 A).


The USKI-5 will operate with most common 6-pin DIP MOS type relays available from various manufacturers having the same pinout as the examples listed above.



Sales tax added for Illinois residents

USKI-5  $159.00

Free shipping in the USA

Select Relays:

Free shipping in the USA

Sales tax added for Illinois residents

Programs suitable for use with the USKI-5 are listed below. Follow the instructions in the USKI-5 instruction manual for downloading and installation.

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